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In 2018, SESS began its journey to grow top tier craft cannabis and push the envelope as a Licensed Producer. Our desire to curate an experience to accompany our products has led us to our latest brands: CALI, 1Spliff, and The ZIP. The goal is to provide genuine, top-notch cannabis and with that, we have curated unique strains under our brands.

 The strains we carry are grown indoor under craft care, non-irradiated, hand-harvested, hang-dried, cured, hand-trimmed, with stringent manufacturing and product QA guidelines.

 Currently available on Ontario (OCS) and Alberta (AGLC) with plans to be available in all provinces.


Mothering, Cloning, and Propagation Stage :

The primary stage or foundation of the growing process. A clipping from the mother plant is used to produce multiple clones. Clones then grow roots and are monitored for 2-3 weeks then transplanted to the vegetative stage for 5-6 weeks, depending on strain.

Flowering Stage:

After the transfer, the plants are monitored through a photoperiod switch technique to ensure proper growth. Lighting, temperature, humidity, water, ventilation, nutrients, defoliation are all maintained during this stage.

Harvest Stage:

The reddish-orange-colored pistils on cola buds, amber colored trichome heads, and flower clusters with sticky resins are best indicators for harvesting time. Harvest depends on the strain.

Drying Stage:

Harvested plants are hung upside down in a dark room with optimum humidity level for 5-7 days according to the plant’s strain. Our drying process team ensures that the plants are dried up to the right level of moisture content.

Curing Stage:

Dried buds are cured for at least 28 days to unlock the potency and the flavours thus producing superior buds. This step is the beginning of developing tastier and potent buds.

Packaging Stage:

With a full-scale production team, our products are packaged and labelled in-keeping with the Cannabis Regulations. Our Quality Control team ensures the quality of every product is maintained and packaged correctly.


Good Values Drive Great Partnerships


As a Licensed Producer, we focus on bringing quality brands to the market with input from our customers and in-house growers. Apart from this, we are always in search of micro-cultivations that have high standards for growing and processing to partner with. We understand that being a micro-cultivation makes it extremely difficult in the market and that’s where we can help. Our team of expertise leverages tactical partnerships with micro-cultivations to bring top quality craft cannabis to the Canadian market.

Ask us about our white labelling services.


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